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Multicrystalline Modules

Module Description

High-performance modules with excellent efficiency
Long lasting product quality and reliable power output guarantee
Free from defects in materials and workmanship for 5 years
91% power output over 12 years
82% power output over 25 years

Electrical Characteristics





TW225(28)P TW230(28)P TW235(28)P  
Maximum Power (P max)  




225W 230W 235W
Voltage at Pmax (V mpp)    28.5V  28.7V 29V 29.3V 29.7V 30.1V
Current at Pmax (l mpp)    7.37A  7.49A 7.59A 7.68A 7.74A 7.81A
Short circuit current (lsc)   8.13A  8.30A 8.47A 8.60A 8.72A 8.86A
Open circuit voltage (Voc)   36.4V  36.5V 36.6V  36.7V 36.7V 36.7V
Maximum System Voltage    DC 1000V(TUV); DC 600V(UL) 
Power Tolerance    \3% 
Series Fuse Rating    15A 
NOCT:    47\2≧

Mechanical Characteristics

Dimensions    Length: 1653mm Width: 995mm   Depth: 45mm
Weight    20 kg
Solar Cells    60 solar cells(156mm*156mm) in a 6*10 matrix connected string
Junction Box    IP 65 Junction Box
Output Cables    4mm2(12AWG) solar cable with weatherproof connectors
Front Cover    3.2 mm (1/8 inch) low iron, high transparent tempered glass
Frame    Material: 6063T5; Electrophoretic coating aluminum alloy frame; Silver color

Qualification Test Parameters

Operating Temperature    -40 to +85
Wind Impact    + 2400 Pa
Snow Impac    + 5400 Pa

Temperature Coefficients

Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT)    47\2≧
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax    -0.44%/≧
Temperature Coefficient of Voc    -0.34%/≧
Temperature Coefficient of Isc    0.06%/≧